So You Think You Want To Be A Dog Trainer

 Over the years we constantly receive calls from people who want to be a dog trainer but don’t know where to start or what area of dog training is the best for them. This seminar answers all those questions and gives you an opportunity to ask all your questions to someone who has been a professional dog trainer for many years and is willing to tell you all the secrets that your local
trainer will not.

Subjects include:

All About The Dog Training Business

Who Should Be A Dog Trainer

Trainers Wear Many Hats

The Different Areas Of Dog Training

Profit Potential For Each Area Of Dog Training

How To Get Involved In Each Area Of Dog Training

…plus we will answer all your questions

This seminar is approximately 60-90 minutes. You need an internet ready computer and a phone.

$ 39.00

Seminar Dates:

Wednesday January 11 – 3PM CST
Wednesday July 12 – 3PM CST
Wednesday February 8 – 3PM CST
Wednesday August 9 – 3PM CST
Wednesday March 8 – 3PM CST
Wednesday September 13 – 3PM CST
Wednesday April 12 – 3PM CST
Wednesday October 11 – 3PM CST
Wednesday May 10 – 3PM CST
Wednesday November 8 – 3PM CST
Wednesday June 14 – 3PM CST
Wednesday December 13 – 3PM CST