Become A Dog Trainer !


Like any other important skill, becoming a professional dog trainer can’t be learned overnight. It takes time and a great deal of hands-on experience with dogs and their owners. But there are some things you can do to get started on the path of becoming a professional dog trainer.

Experts recommend the following:

1. There are many dog training schools these days. Some are good and some aren’t. Be sure to check out any school that you are thinking of attending. Do you have access to the instructor? Check out our programs at .

2. Attend seminars, workshops and conferences on dog training and behavior. These programs are usually relatively inexpensive and they allow the participants to get first-hand information from recognized experts in the field. Many dog training seminars are now offered online so you don’t have to travel.

3. You should also read books on the subject of dog training and dog development. Read as much as possible but don’t believe everything you read. Remember that every author has his own viewpoint. When you read about one training technique you should also read other authors who practice different techniques. Being well-read in dog matters, in general, it will help you as an all-around dog person. And, you should read more than just dog training material. Familiarize yourself with dog books on breeds, nutrition, canine sports — every aspect of dogs. You are considering making dogs your life’s work. Become an expert on them.

4. Watch videos of other trainers to observe their approaches to training. Again, you don’t have to agree with everything you see, but you should be aware of what’s going on in the dog world.

5. Consider volunteering at local animal shelters. This is a good way to practice some of your training skills and the shelter will be very appreciative. Dogs which have received some basic training in manners are more likely to be adopted and stay in their new homes.

It can take years of hard work and hard study to become a dog trainer. Enrolling in a good dog trainer programs can get you started without re-inventing the wheel. We never stop learning about dogs. Everyone has to start at the beginning and learn the basics.

You can learn to be a professional dog trainer by studying under trainers in courses, seminars and workshops as described here. Study dog training and dogs by reading everything you can find. Take a good course. If you follow these guidelines and continue to practice your skills, you will make it as a professional dog trainer.

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