Learn To Train Bed Bug Dogs

If you are a dog trainer or not surely you have heard about the Bed Bug epidemic that seems to be affecting the U.S.  Bed bug dogs have become a big deal and in demand as much as drug dogs have been in the past.

If you want to add another revenue stream to your business by selling bed bug dogs or by starting a bed bug dog detection service there is a great new program that can help you accomplish your goal.

This program is designed to train you to enter the Bed Bug Detector Dog business either as a handler or as a trainer. It is also perfect for any Pest Control Company that wants to train their own dog for Bed Bug inspections.

In the six week program you will learn how to train a Bed Bug Detection Dog.  We also have a section on business, where we teach you to start your own business selling bed bug dogs or starting a bed bug detection service.

If detection work interests you take a look at this program at:

If you want a trained dog but are not interested in training your own take a look at: http://www.bedbugdogs.com

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  1. Greg Heitman says:

    I am interested in learning if my dog would be a good candidate to train for bed bug detection. Is it possible to view the video on selecting a dog before I sign up for the training course?

  2. What makes you better than the rest? I did notice all your replies are from 2015. I am interested in your class. Should I put my dog through a scent class before starting yours?

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