Bed Bug Dog Trainer Program


Here are some comments from our recent graduates!

I would like to thank Wayne Booth. I recently completed his bed bug dog training course. Since the “graduation”, we have two trained bed bug detection dogs with 3 more in training. Wayne’s approach in training is direct, to the point and the results speak volumes! We are on our way to becoming the largest Bed Bug K-9 Unit in the mid-Atlantic, thanks to Wayne and K9-University! Kevin C.


Hi Wayne, Just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you for all your help in the Bed Bug Dog Trainer Program. My bed bug business is starting to get really good and it’s only been 30 days. It looks like Jack and I might land a 4,000,0000 square foot job in Ill. It will be a lot of work but we will get our name on the board. Jack and I will both be working 2 dogs each to cover more ground. We are also planning on bringing a third team to help. We are also starting to do some work with the city of Detroit. Terminix has been great to work with and seem to like our work. Let the good times roll!! Thanks again for all your help.     Lori G..


This program is designed to teach you how to enter the Bed Bug Detector Dog business. It is also perfect for any Pest Control Company who wants to train their own dog for bed bug inspections. The program will be taught through lecture, video presentation and instruction with our highly qualified instructors. Your trainer will actually be with you during 2 – 3 of your daily training sessions each week using the power of the internet. In the six week program you will learn how to train a bed bug detection dog . We also have a section on business, where we teach you to start your own business selling dogs or starting a bed bug detection service. Students will be required to demo basic training and handling skills with their dog . There is a practical and verbal exam to complete this course.

What you will learn:

How to select a dog for detection work
Selection of training aids

Setting up a training area
What is a passive response dog
Putting the dog on odor
Leash handling techniques and drill movements
How to begin search drills
Developing the three main types of search drills
Effects of temperature, humidity and air currents
Safety concerns for you and your dog
Health, care and feeding
Training records and logs
The business of bed bug dog training
How to sell bed bug detection dogs
How to start a bed bug detection service

This is a six week program. You need an internet ready computer and a phone. You will train daily with your dog and attend 1 online seminar a week. We will also attend 2 – 3 of your daily training sessions  each week using the power of the internet.


Program Start Dates:

January 16   –   February 20   –   March 20

April 17   –   May 15   –   June 19

July 17   –   August 21   –   September 18

October 16   –   November 20   –   December 18


REGISTER EARLY , class size is limited and we need to send you a video to help you select a dog to train in the program.