Narcotic Dog Trainer Program


Here are some comments from our recent graduates!

Wayne, you made this course as easy as it could get with your knowledge and instructions.  It was a great course and would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to get into the K9 business. Once again thanks and I will keep in touch.  Gerald – Texas P.I.


I work for a small law enforcement agency, but we had a big need for a detection dog. I found and against the advice of some K9 Handler colleagues who have European raised dogs, I took the course. I am so glad I did. I was extremely satisfied with the training course. I received one on one training from a knowledgeable trainer, who far surpassed my expectations. The end product was an amazing dog, a good knowledge base and continuing support to start her new career. Thanks Wayne.   Mico F. – Colorado S.O.


First off I would like to say what a joy it was learning with you. You were flexible and understanding with my hectic schedule from a small department and it gave our community the opportunity to have a wonderful K-9. I feel confident in my abilities and secure knowing that you are there to assist me as I begin my new career path with a K-9 unit. Thank you for everything!    Deputy Jason  K. –   Wyoming S.O.


I have been training obedience dogs for several years. I wanted to learn drug dog training but leaving my business would be tough to do. Your onlline program was the answer. It allowed me to learn without having to leave home. I have sold my first 2 dogs and use a dog that I trained to do detection work in schools, businesses and homes.   Thanks Wayne, I could not have done this without your help and guidance.  Paul V. – Florida


This program is designed to teach you how to enter the Narcotic Detector Dog business. It is also perfect for any Law Enforcement department who wants to train their own dog or have an in-house drug dog trainer. The program will be taught through lecture, video presentation and instruction with our highly qualified instructors. Your trainer will actually be with you during 2 of your daily training sessions using the power of the internet. In the six week program you will learn how to train a drug dog on 2 odors and have the ability to add additional odors.  We also have a section on business, where we teach you to start your own business selling dogs or starting a drug detection search service. Students will be required to demo basic training and handling skills with their dog . There is a practical and verbal exam to complete this course.

What you will learn:

How to select a dog for detection work
Selection of training aids 
Setting up a training area 
Putting the dog on odor 
Developing scratch drive 
Leash handling techniques and drill movements 
How to begin search drills 
Developing the three main types of search drills 
Car Searches and Building searches 
Effects of temperature, humidity and air currents 
Safety concerns for you and your dog 
Health, care and feeding 
Trouble shooting 
Training records and logs 
The business of detector dog training 
How to sell dogs to law enforcement 
How to start a detection service

What you will receive

Five Narcotic Dog Training Video’s 
Book “Narcotic Dog Trainers Workbook” 
Six foot leather leash 
Training collar
Kong Toy

Probe Toy
Training Log

This is a six week program. You need an internet ready computer and a phone. You will train daily with your dog and attend 1 online seminar a week. We will also attend 2 of your daily training sessions using the power of the internet.


Program Start Dates:

January 9   –     February 13   –   March 13

April 10   –   May 8   –   June 12

July 10   –   August 14   –   September 11

October 9   –   November 13   –   December 11


REGISTER EARLY , class size is limited and we need to send you a video to help you select a dog to train in the program.