Training Drug Detection Dogs


If you are interested in dog training you may want to consider becoming a drug dog trainer. Training dogs for drug detection can be a very lucrative business. Not only are dogs trained for law enforcement, but dogs can also be trained for private detection companies. These companies search businesses, schools and homes for different kinds of contraband.

Whether for law enforcement or for private detection, drug detection dogs are trained to give an alert when they detect a specified odor. Substances can include marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, opium and other things. They can even be trained to detect prescription medications such as Xanax. Some dogs are taught to scratch at the source of the odor (aggressive alert) while other dogs are taught to sit (passive alert). Various dogs are used, from German Shepherd Dogs to Labradors.

Using drug detection dogs for private detection work, such as searching schools, has been shown to have a great deterrent value. These programs place the emphasis on prevention.

In addition to businesses, schools and homes, drug detection dogs can be used in many other places. They can be taken to parking lots to search cars, they can be taken through school buses, and they can go to different events. The dogs and handlers are mobile and not restricted so they can go anywhere people could hide drugs.

Parents can also have drug detection dogs visit their home. In these cases, if drugs are found, many companies provide information to the family about rehab and other resources so the family can handle the situation privately. Companies often advertise their confidentiality. The companies are not affiliated with law enforcement.

Both dogs and handlers require training and work as a team, opening more training possibilities for dog trainers.

Drug detection dogs are typically trained using positive reinforcement. Trainers may play with them and ask them to find toys that have a slight scent of different narcotic or illicit drugs on them. Drug detection companies usually maintain a range of registered samples for training purposes. Some drug detection dogs may be trained in tracking as well.

Many drug detection companies also offer detection dogs for sale. These dogs have been carefully chosen and very highly trained. Selling them is a very lucrative side of the business.

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